Time-tracking tools have become an integral part of an organizational sector. These are advanced software tools designed to record, analyze, and display actual time spent on projects and tasks by individuals and teams within a company.

Time Tracking App

Time tracking tools play a vital role in boosting productivity, managing projects, and streamlining tasks of different sectors in an organization. It enables employees to log their productive hours with precision, providing useful data for billing, payroll, and of course resource allocation.

The best part about these tools is that business owners, team leaders, and managers can use built-in features and functions to track their team’s performance and deliver their projects with full efficiency. This will also help them stay on budget and within the deadline- which is good for any organization.

With so many options available, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best one. So, here is a list of the 10 best time-tracking software that will change the way you track and analyze productive hours and promotions.

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1. TimeControl®


Believe it or not! This is one of the most resourceful time-tracking software tools in the world. It is used to manage and track the time individuals or teams spend on projects, tasks, or on their jobs. The best part is that TimeControl offers a ton of features for reporting, timekeeping, and managing productivity.

Key Features:

• Super-Accurate Time Tracking
• Timesheets
• Offline time tracking
• Clock in and out kiosk
• Insightful reporting
• Easy to use dashboards
• Track project progress
• Activity tracking
• Invoicing and scheduling
• Idle Detection

2. Connecteam

It is one of the best tools to help you track time, schedule, and manage tasks with precision. Employees can log their time using a simple dashboard.

Connecteam also provides a GPS tracking feature to keep managers keep track of their team’s performance and productivity hours. You can also assign tasks and shifts to your team and much more.

Key Features

• Accurate time tracking
• Easy Scheduling
• GPS Tracking
• Geo-Fencing
• Task Management
• Schedule Templates, etc

3. ClockShark

Are you looking for a simple yet effective time-tracking software for your business? Look no other than ClockShark. It has three clock-in methods, including facial recognition, mobile apps, and kiosks.

There is an in-built GPS feature to let you see where your employees are when they are logged in. It also tracks your productive hours even if employees lose internet connection.
Using a drag-and-drop schedule editor, you can create and change work shifts. So, it is a full-fledged software that can help you boost overall performance with perfection.

Key Features:

• Offline Time Tracking
• Drag and drop schedule to create and change work shifts
• Easy invoice creator
• Collaborate jobs

4. ClickTime

It is considered one of the most reliable project time-tracking software tools used by all types and sizes of organizations. It can help you create employee cost rates, project budgets, and custom billing rates- can do multiple jobs in a breeze.

The best part you can create customized timesheets which comes with three levels of hierarchy to make your work easier.

Key Features:

• Precise Reporting
• Third-party app integration
• Easy to Schedule tasks
• Manage Expenses

5. TimeCamp

It is a cloud-based time-tracking software that allows you to become more productive. Managers and business owners can track projects, tasks, and productive hours of their employees and teams.

You also have the flexibility to track time through Android or iOS devices, and you can also use the Google Chrome extension.

Key Features:

• Integrated with third-party business tools
• Easy to monitor attendance
• Accurate time tracking feature

6. SmartSheet

It is a mobile-based time-tracking tool that allows new-age team makes confident decisions about team capacity, project planning, team utilization, and budget forecasting in real-time.

Smartsheet is known for in-built timesheets, expense tracking, and mobile time tracking features. It allows you to create rich project reports to help improve overall productivity.

Key Features:

• Real-time budget updates
• Predictive timesheets
• Mobile time tracking, etc

7. Toggal Track

It is a time-tracking application that comes with a free plan as well. It is a perfect tool for freelancers or small businesses. With Toggal Track, you can improve the functionality and performance of your team, employees, and tasks.

Key features:

• Auto- tracker
• Timeline
• Idle Detection
• Off-line time tracking
• Weekly Reports

8. Hub Planner

Hub Planner is a cloud-based and customizable software tool that helps to plan projects, resource scheduling, and time tracking. It allows you to create and implement blueprints for project development teams and employees.

Key Features:

• Advanced Reporting
• Analytics
• Resource scheduling
• Customizable timesheets

9. Rescue Time

It is a time-tracking as well as management software that can boost productivity and help you stay focused during your job. It allows you to keep track of your team, projects, and tasks on track.

Key Features:

• Unique focus session features to let you stay on the job
• Easy Daily and weekly productive reports
• Dashboard

10. Paymo

This particular tool focuses on precise time tracking, billing, and invoicing management features. Each task created on the software usually includes a start and end date, description, and expected hours to complete. You can even set alerts and track the productive hours of your employees in the go.

Key Features:

• Powerful Grantt and Kanban features
• Advanced Invoicing and Billing management
• Unlimited invoices
• Easy collaboration


These are the 10 most powerful and functional time tracking tools that come with invoicing, off-line time tracking, reporting, and other key features to make your work easy and boost the productivity of your entire team.

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